Time To Clean The Gutters? Reasons To Leave The Job In The Hands Of A Professional

Posted on: 10 June 2015

You already know that gutter cleaning is one of those tasks that keep the home in good condition. What still must be decided is whether to do the job yourself or hire a professional.  Here are some important reasons to leave the job in the hands of someone who does this type of work for a living.

The Right Equipment

Think all you need is a ladder and something to scrape out the muck?  Think again. You will need safety goggles, protection for the hands, and chemicals to help break up some of the more resilient and suspicious looking junk trapped in the line. That doesn't even begin to address the special tools you'll need to deal with the drain spout. Unless you want to spend a chunk of change at the local hardware store, it pays to hire somebody who already has all the supplies needed for the job.

Keeping Yourself Off the Ladder

After working hard all week, do you really want to spend Saturday morning moving up and down a ladder?  Along with removing the gunk from the gutters, it has to be bagged and transported to ground level somehow. Dumping it over the side will only mean another mess to clean up later. If a professional does the job, you get to stay inside and enjoy yourself.

Don't forget that you increase the odds of being injured as you go up and down the ladder. After all, it isn't really something you do on a day to day basis. Instead of ending up with a cast on your broken arm, why not let a professional do the job?  A service will supply the team with everything they need to do the job safely.

Earning Favor with Your Home Insurance Provider

An often-overlooked benefit of having the gutters professionally cleaned is how your home insurance provider will feel about the choice. The bottom line is they will like it. In fact, many insurance providers provide instructions on how to do the job along with advice to have a professional handle the task. Remember that a service can provide documented proof that the gutters were thoroughly cleaned, something that will come in handy when insurance renewal time rolls around.

Protecting the Foundation

You understand that gutters help protect the roof, but do you really understand how important a properly working system is to the integrity of the house foundation?  If so, you are in the minority. While you may be perfectly capable of cleaning out the system yourself, do you know how to evaluate its overall condition?  Odds are that you don't.

As a professional cleans a gutter system, each section is being evaluated carefully.  If there is something wrong, like a rusted area or a seal that is working loose, plans can be made to repair the section. That translates into preventing water from pooling around the foundation and ultimately causing it to shift or weaken.

Setting Up a Schedule for the Cleanings

Did you know that one cleaning a year is not what many experts recommend? The fact is that two is actually the minimum amount of gutter cleanings needed annually. Spring and fall are the generally recommended seasons for having the gutters cleaned. Rather than spending two weekends a year on the task, it makes more sense to set up a schedule with a local service. Doing so will mean you don't forget that the time for a cleaning is approaching and the job will be done on time.

The bottom line is that you do not have to deal with those gutters on your own. Call a professional and set up an appointment today. The results will be better and you can spend your time focusing on something that is a little more fun and a lot cleaner.