Use Die Cut Stickers As A Means Of Advertising

Posted on: 25 March 2019

Is a star, hexagon, or another distinct shape a part of your company's insignia or brand design? If so, you realize the impact that your company signage has and the probability that your customers will recognize your business merely by glimpsing at personalized advertising materials. An additional way to broadcast your company's name is by distributing personalized die cut stickers.

Die Cut Stickers Are Customized

Paper stickers or standard labels tend to be thin and possess a uniform shape. Colors that are printed on stickers or labels may fade if the ink quality isn't very good. Die cut stickers differ from regular stickers and labels. They are often constructed of vinyl, which is thicker than paper. They also tend to be waterproof and fade resistant.

Digital printing technology is used to thermally transfer ink to the non-adhesive side of each decal. After sheets of decals are printed, they are cut to size so that each finished product is the desired shape.

Die cut stickers can be customized so that the shape and size of each sticker is just the way that you would like it to be. This means that you can order die cut stickers that resemble the same symbol that you use for advertising materials that you already use. 

Stickers Can Be Utilized In Countless Ways

You may be wondering how you can implement stickers into your daily routine. If you mail bills or receipts to your customers, a vinyl decal can be affixed to each envelope to provide the mailings with a personalized touch. If you go to trade shows or offer workshops to people who live in the community, the stickers can be doled out at the end of each session.

Perhaps, you could fill a basket or box with a variety of vinyl stickers and allow people to help themselves to a couple of them. The stickers will keep your business name at the forefront of each person's mind and whoever receives the decals can use them to secure paper products that are being displayed in their homes or businesses.

If you have sales representatives who do field work that involves networking and meeting with various business owners in the region, divide the vinyl decals up and hand them out to your sales force so that they can give them to new acquaintances, along with introductory packages that include a description of the services and products that your company offers.