Why Add Seaberry Seed Oil To Your Natural Skin Care Line?

Posted on: 26 November 2018

You own a natural skincare line and you're always on the lookout for new products you can add to your line that will benefit your customers most. You want nothing but the best for your clients and will settle for nothing less than what will work best on their skin.

Your beauty and skincare products may be filled with natural oils, derivatives, and other ingredients that are easily found in nature and not tested on animals. You may use lavender, rose, and other essential oils in your line, but here's one you may not have thought of: seaberry. Discover why seaberry seed oil is a must-have in your natural skin care line.

Seaberry is unique 

Many people have not heard of seaberry, yet this beneficial oil is healthy for the body in many ways. When you introduce something new and invigorating to your skincare line, you create consumer awareness and get the attention of would-be customers as a new and innovative company and can get new clientele simply by having an ingredient — that works — that your competitors don't.

Seaberry stands out in your product line

Many companies feature a natural skincare or beauty line intended to reach the environmentally-conscious or experimental consumer. You have to compete with many different companies just to fill your niche, and while this isn't fair, you don't want to stoop to odd marketing levels or make claims about your products just to make them sound amazing; you want your products to actually be amazing.

Seaberry seed oil is one of those essential oils that delivers big results and heals the skin. Also known as sea buckthorn oil, this oil repairs damaged skin, clears up acne, heals scars, and encourages skin regrowth, thus making this oil ideal for your skincare line to stand out among competitors while offering customers something that truly works.

Seaberry is versatile for the end consumer

Use seaberry to appeal to your younger customers by promoting the oil's ability to heal acne and clear up acne scars. Promote your products to your mature customers by showing how seaberry seed oil helps renew skin and make wrinkles less apparent. There are many ways this oil can be used on the body to make people healthier and feel better about themselves, which means you can put this beneficial oil in nearly all of your skincare items and see benefits your entire customer base will enjoy