3 Tips For Using A Job Posting Site To Fill A Position

Posted on: 5 May 2018

Using a job posting site can be an excellent way of helping to attract new talent to your business. Unfortunately, business leaders will frequently make a variety of mistakes when they are crafting their ads for these sites. This can greatly compromise the results that they may get. You will want to use some key strategies and tips to avoid these problems with your job postings.

1. Create A List of Keywords To Use In The Title

Your job posting will be listed with many others of a similar nature. This can make it somewhat difficult for you to ensure your ad is standing out from the rest so that the right individuals are seeing it. You can help to achieve this by using keywords that are specific to the position you are looking to fill. These keywords will likely attract the attention of those that are talented in this area. In addition to helping your posting stand out from the rest, this will help individuals that use the search function of the site to locate your job posting.

2. Identify the Key Skills For The Position

In order to reduce the number of unqualified applications that you receive, it is important to identify the key skills that will be required for the position. This may seem like an obvious step, but many individuals will make the mistake of creating a list that is either too broad or too narrow for the position. To help you better target your ad, you should imagine the ideal candidate for the position, and start to tailor this list based on the experience and certifications your ideal hire would possess. By loosening these requirements slightly, you may be able to sufficiently broaden the potential pool of talent without excessively reducing the quality of the applications you receive.

3. Provide Clear Salary and Benefits Information

In the advertisement, you will want to include basic salary and benefits information. When individuals fail to provide this information, many potential applicants will assume the worst. Additionally, listing that the compensation is negotiable can be intimidating to potential hires as they may want to avoid an adversarial interaction with their new employer. While you may want to reserve your right to negotiate the initial hiring salary, this can easily be achieved by listing a salary range. Furthermore, you should provide a list of the basic benefits that applicants can expect to receive if they are hired for the position.

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