Five Awesome Things About Suede Bean Bag Chairs

Posted on: 19 March 2018

Suede is a magnificent, versatile fabric. When you turn suede into suede bean bag chairs, you have a product that is irresistible. Not convinced? Here are five awesome things about suede bean bag chairs.

They Are Perfect for Watching Movies or Gaming with Friends

If you do not have enough furniture in your house, bean bag chairs are perfect. You can usually buy several of these chairs before their cost equals that of a new sofa, plus everyone would actually have a chair in which to sit. Three or four people on a sofa means everyone else has to sit on the floor, but with six or more suede bean bag chairs, everyone sits at the same level in equal comfort for video gaming and movies.

They Are Warm and Soft

Suede is made from cowhide. It once kept a cow warm, so you know that it will feel like a cozy blanket enveloping you when you sit in one of these chairs. The material is also incredibly soft to the touch; only velvet can give suede a run for its money when it comes to soft fabrics.

They Are (Almost) Waterproof

Suede has the ability to resist liquids for a short duration, usually just long enough to grab a towel or paper towel. That means that that 46-ounce soda you were drinking and accidentally spilled on the bean bag chair will sit tight just long enough for you to clean it up. Your movie or video game, on the other hand, will have to wait a couple of minutes on pause.

They Are Very Easy to Clean

If your cat decided to get even with you for not cleaning the cat boxes all weekend, and urinated in your suede bean bag chair, guess what? The suede is very easy to clean. You can either peel the suede covering off and toss it into a washing machine before letting it air-dry, or you can send the cover out with your dry-cleaning. Either way, you win that tit-for-tat with Fluffy.

If They Lose a Little of Their Poof-iness, Just Refill Them

Bean bag chairs sometimes get a little flat over time. Either the fill material leaks out a bit, or it becomes compacted to the point that the chair loses its "poof-iness." Thankfully, lots of craft and hobby stores sell a variety of bean bag chair refills for the filling material.

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