Led Light Rail Crossing Systems: An Introduction For Business Owners

Posted on: 20 May 2017

If you are a business owner who relies on trains to carry freight, materials, or merchandise to and from your place of business, there is no doubt that this means of transport will bring along with it some concerns of safety. Trains move at a high rate of speed across the tracks and often need greater distances to stop than the average vehicle. Therefore, where pedestrian crosswalks and roadways intersect with the train tracks can be a major point of safety concern. If this is you, then installing an LED light rail crossing system could be one of the best decisions you ever make as a business owner who relies on trains. 

What exactly is an LED light rail crossing system?

An LED light rail crossing system is a system that is installed along commuter areas of train tracks that are automatically activated when the train is approaching the area. The LED lights are usually bright red, orange, or yellow in color to signify caution and are implemented right alongside the tracks themselves. The lights activate when the train is approaching by working with the railway control system, which triggers the lights when the trains gets within so many feet. 

How can the lights reduce the risk of accidents relative to the trains on your business property?

Drivers and pedestrians are already accustomed to looking for lights to signal them to do or not do certain areas when they are traveling. Therefore, when the lights illuminate on the LED light rail crossing system, onlookers automatically know to take heed or pay close attention. I some cases, the LED lights will flash as well, which is even better way to ensure they get attention. Lights are an excellent way to alert onlookers that a train is approaching a crossing area and can act similar to a barrier to keep people off of the tracks. 

How difficult are LED light rail crossing systems to install?

Even though these caution light systems seem complicated, they are actually fairly easy to install or have installed by a contractor. The light system lays alongside the tracks or is implemented into the ground surrounding the tracks. It is then hooked into the train controller system, which allows the light system to detect when the train is approaching so they can be activated in a timely manner. In most cases, installation is a quick process so you will not experience any downtime in your place of business. Talk with a company like Lanelight for more information.