Personalized Water Bottle Labels Help Sell Gym Memberships

Posted on: 14 September 2016

Water bottles are found in abundance inside of gyms and fitness facilities. When people exercise, they sweat. Sipping water during a workout prevents the discomforting feeling of dehydration. Gym staff that provide clients with custom water bottles not only support the workout enthusiast's health, but the staff is supporting the facility's fiscal well-being. Custom-labeled bottled water could serve as an excellent promotional strategy for the gym.

The Prolonged Water Bottle Effect

A very interesting fact has been noted about water bottles and their relationship to effective advertising. People not only sip their water in the gym, but they sip from a bottle at work. As a result, a bottle might remain on the desk of 30% of the workers in an office for several hours. A promotional bottle for a gym would target scores of people in an office thinking about before- or after-work fitness sessions.

In order for this unique promotional strategy to work, the labeling on the bottle should embody a few strategic components:

Present the Name and Location

Putting the name of the gym in huge lettering is critical. By getting the name out there, anyone glancing at the label knows what gym to visit. Equally important is giving some idea about the location of the gym. Noting the location is critical. "Ray's Gym" is not enough. "Ray's Gym Downtown" is a better since the wording tells the person looking at the bottle if the location of the gym is feasible for them.

Stress Health Benefits

Someone drinking bottled water is surely health conscious. Images on the labeling should promote the health benefits of a gym and not strenuous sportive endeavors such as bodybuilding or power-lifting. The image of a lean person working out with light dumbbells as opposed to lifting massively heavy weights would be the right choice for the labeling.

Have with the Right Color Choice

Specific colors have their own unique psychological effect on people due to the feelings colors are associated with. Green borders and lettering on the label would be fine additions since the color is associated with health. Choosing a color that complements necessary marketing psychology helps the labeling make the right impression.

A Professional Labeling Job Only

The best personalized water bottle labels are the ones made by a company specializing in these stickers. Professionally produced labels are going to impress the most. Impressive labels are the ones most likely to motivate people thinking about joining a gym to actually sign up.

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