4 Easy Ways To Save Money And Time On Towing Services

Posted on: 6 October 2015

As long as you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, you may be able to get towing insurance which will cover tows and labor for repairs if you ever break down or are in an accident. But even with the prospect of free help, sometimes it saves a lot of time and hassle to simply address the problem yourself if at all possible. In addition, many towing insurance companies put a cap on the number of times you can call for free towing help throughout the year – and once you reach that limit, you'll have to pay out of pocket for any towing services you rack up. Here are a few easy things you can do to save yourself some money and time on towing services:

Buy an Official Manual

The manual that comes with your vehicle and sits under the passenger side front seat won't do much good if you suddenly break down and can't get back on the road again. It's important to also buy an official repair manual for the specific make and model of vehicle you're driving around. This will allow you to look up the symptoms that are apparent and learn about the possible problems and causes associated with those symptoms. After consulting with the manual, you should be armed with enough information to figure out whether or not the problem you're facing can be personally fixed with minimal trouble, or whether you need to call a tow truck in for some help.

Store a Small Gas Can

Another great way to save yourself some heartache while you're on the road is to keep a small gas can filled about halfway (to minimize leaks and spills) with you in the trunk. This is especially helpful when you'll be taking long road trips to places where you have never been and where there is a possibility that you will be traveling along roads where gas stations are few and far between. Using your tow insurance to have gas delivered typically counts as a tow service in general and may affect the cap that your contract includes when it comes to the number of times you can use your towing services at no cost. Having a little gas with you is sure to save you some time, trouble, and money in the long run.

Invest in a Tire Changing Kit

Even if you have a jack and crowbar with you, chances are that you'll be tempted to call a towing company for tire changing assistance if you are stranded in an area that makes it uncomfortable or dangerous to change the tire yourself. So consider creating a personalized tire changing kit to take along for the ride that includes things such as:

  • A thin mat to lay on so you can change the tire from underneath the vehicle if you're working close to traffic.
  • A pair of thick gloves to protect your hands and keep them free of grease as well as other harmful chemicals that may be present.
  • An inexpensive pair of recyclable overalls that can be put on right over your clothes to protect your body during the change.
  • A couple of flairs to alert others in the area that you're working on the vehicle.

Anything you think might make the process of changing a tire easier on your body and mind should be included in the kit to make it more likely that you'll use it.

Leave Copies Behind

Even if you prepare for all of the possible problems that you see yourself possibly facing on the road, there is still a very good chance that there will come a time when you need to make use of towing services from a company like Northern Diesel Ltd to get out of a sticky situation. For example if you're in a serious accident that damages the integrity of your vehicle's safety, you'll need professional help to transport your car.

So leave a copy of all of your paperwork behind with a trusted friend or relative who you can call to retrieve important information if you can't get to the originals in your vehicle for some reason. After all, if your glove box is damaged and you can't get into it you'll be left without insurance paperwork to prove coverage. Having access to policy numbers at the very least will minimize delays in getting the help you need after a serious incident.

With the help of these tips and tricks you're sure to have your vehicle taken care of quickly and without spending an arm and a leg, whether or not valid towing insurance is available to you if something goes wrong on the road.